China & Nuclear Power Stations Construction Projects

China & Nuclear PowerStations Construction Projects



Who = Peoples Republic of China’s State Nuclear Power Technology Company (SNPTC) has recently selected the Westinghouse/Shaw Consortium and Westinghouse’s AP1000 passive Generation III technology as the basis for four nuclear power plants

The AP1000 Consortium will be working closely with Energy Recruitment Solutions in the  implementation of the new build program with positions and assignments.

As part of the AP1000 Consortium, Shaw provide engineering, procurement, commissioning, and management services for the four Chinese nuclear generation units.

We have an ongoing need for staff to fulfill this large scale demand for professional skilled and educated construction and engineering experts.  We have positions across all disciplines within construction and Engineering for long term ex pat staff positions near Shanghai.


We would like to hear from candidates with recent & current experience in construction engineering of Nuclear Power Stations across the world.

Experience from Ukraine, Romania, South Africa ,Sweden, Slovenia Bulgaria ,Finland, Russia, Lithuania ,India, slovakia, france Canada  & China.

Why= With the fastest growing economy in the world and its population aggressively demanding to catch up with the western world.  Huge demand is placed on the shoulders of the PRC to enable businesses to operate across its vast lands.

With an enormous percentage of its population still living off the land and largely still existing without mains electricity. You have another demand for upgrading the national infrastructure to support the businesses and as the population that converts to working within its factories is looking to emulate its western counterparts.

Wages enable independence better quality of life with improved towns and buildings.

Mainland China already has eleven nuclear power stations in commercial operation with a further six under construction, and plenty more in the planning stages about to start construction.  China needs more Nuclear reactors if it is to continue its vertical climb in world wide dominance.

The countries rapid expansion in its growth of commercial and industry factories leads not only to national power shortages but also a heavy reliance on Fossil fuels that as a direct result is also a big impact on health and its smog related effects on the nation.

More Why China has to reduce its carbon foot print as its the second-largest contributor to energy-related carbon dioxide emissions after the USA.

Nuclear power is a natural choice to support the required power capacity in the coastal areas remote from the coalfields and where the economy is developing quickest

Where  Shanghai and north and south at Sangmen and Haiyang.



At the end of February 2007 a framework agreement was signed between Westinghouse and SNPTC specifying Haiyang in Shandong province  as the site of the second pair of AP1000 units, with Sanmen.

In July 2007 Westinghouse, along with consortium partner Shaw, signed the AP1000 contracts with SNPTC, Sanmen Nuclear Power Company, Shangdong Nuclear Power Company and China National Technical Import & Export Corporation (CNTIC). There were no specific terms released however figures of $5.3 billion for the deal have been widely quoted.

The Sanmen site works commenced in February 2008 and full construction for unit 1 is to start in March 2009, with the first power expected late in August 2013. 

Its is widely acknowledged that EDF will take a 30% share in the Taishan project as joint venture partner with CGNPC.

We understand that the Taishan Nuclear Power Company which will oversee the building, then own and operate the plant.  Cost is estimated for the project, including fuel supply, to total in excess of 8 billion Euros.  The Steam turbine generators alone will cost circa 300 million Euros

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