Careers with the NII

Working in the NII will provide unparalleled opportunities to develop your career across a range of sectors, from nuclear power stations, fuel production facilities and reprocessing plants through to nuclear submarine refuelling and other defence-related activities. It will challenge your ability to influence and interact with stakeholders at all levels, and to make regulatory decisions in complex environments, balancing significant safety, commercial and societal interests.

As a nuclear inspector, you will undertake safety case assessments for complex nuclear technology, and carry out site inspection and investigation activities as part of HSE’s regulation of the nuclear industry.

We currently have opportunities in the following areas including:

Mechanical Engineering;

Chemical Process Engineering;

Material properties, eg Graphite, Corrosion;

C & I;

Quality Assurance;

Radiation Safety/Health Physics;


Coolant Chemistry;

Civil Engineering/External Hazards;

Electrical Engineering;

Structural Integrity/Pressure Vessel Integrity;

Probabilistic Risk Assessment/Fault Studies;


Safety Management;

Human Factors;

Radioactive Waste Management;

Nuclear Fuel Behaviour;

Internal Hazards.

To discuss this or similar posts, please contact ERS on 01454 203 460, or submit a CV to, to register your interest or apply for this position, further details available at



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