The role of a NII Inspector


The role of a NII Inspector

Nuclear inspectors are expected to be capable of undertaking a variety of roles:

inspecting sites;

assessing technical safety cases;

investigating incidents;

enforcing the law and influencing improvement in safety cases;

developing strategic approaches to secure high standards in the industry;

managing nuclear research contracts etc.

The purpose of inspection is to secure and improve nuclear safety. The site inspector is the primary point of contact with the site and undertakes both planned and reactive inspections. The site inspector also co-ordinates the inputs of other inspectors who assess safety submissions or manage discrete projects at particular sites. This is to ensure compliance, to reassure the public and to improve safety standards.

When inspectors find something wrong they initially provide advice but may issue verbal and written warnings. The powers available to inspectors enable them to serve Enforcement Notices and ultimately initiate prosecutions. There are also a wide range of powers available under nuclear licence conditions.

The legislation covering the role includes:

HSW Act 1974;

NI Act 1965 (as amended) and the attached licence conditions;


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