Welcome to ERS Jobs Bulletin Board

Welcome to ERS 

Specialist Nuclear Job Recruitment Agency to the Energy and Power Utilities Industry.   

For all your Nuclear, Wind, Solar and Tidal Employment Requirements including Mechanical, Engineering, Electrical, EC&I, Safety, Quality Control & Assurance, Process, Project Management, Planning, Design, Structural, Civil, Decommissioning, Construction, Site Management, etc.

Switching you onto a brighter future…    


ERS are the Nuclear Electric Power and Energy Industry Employment and Recruitment Agency of choice, for all the leading Atomic Energy Sector employers, including the Specialist Engineering Firms, many of whom retain ERS as there Preferred Supplier or Supplier of Choice.
Call us now on +44 (0)1454 203 460, for jobs in Nuclear Energy
Register now with ERS:  


Fax: +44 (0) 1454 203 330






2 Responses to “Welcome to ERS Jobs Bulletin Board”

  1. To discuss this or similar Nuclear Contractor Jobs and Contracts, please contact Simon Turner of ERS on +44(0)1454 203 460, or submit a CV to cv@energyrs.co.uk, to register your general interest, or apply to for this position, or for other Nuclear Projects or Atomic Power Plant Sites, of which further details are available at http://www.ERSJobs.net

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