Working for NII, The Nuclear Installations Inspectorate

Working for the NII.


The Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII).

NII was established in 1960. It is the enforcement arm of HSEs Nuclear Directorate (ND), which regulates nuclear safety and radioactive waste management on nuclear licensed sites and helps raise international standards. Through participation in various forums, ND also commissions research to improve standards and gives advice to Government ministers.

HSE secures nuclear safety of nuclear sites through a system of Licences and Conditions. It inspects sites, assesses licensees’ submissions and enforces compliance. It seeks to improve nuclear safety and radioactive waste management through guidance and influence.

Since April 2007 the Office of the Civil Nuclear Security and Nuclear Operational safeguard function has moved from the Department of Trade and Industry into ND.

Our mission:

‘To protect people and society from the hazards of the nuclear industry and to earn public confidence in the nuclear regulatory system.’

ND presently consists of six divisions which deal with:

nuclear power stations regulation;

nuclear fuel cycle and decommissioning regulation;

defence nuclear facility regulation;

nuclear safety research, business systems and strategy;

Office of Civil Nuclear Security;

nuclear reactor generic design assessment.

The Health and Safety Executive has vacancies to join Her Majesty’s Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII), working to ensure the safety of the public, those who work in the nuclear industry and society generally.

To discuss this or similar posts, please contact ERS on 01454 203 460, or submit a CV to, to register your interest or apply for this position, further details available at



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  1. To discuss this or similar Nuclear Contractor Jobs and Contracts, please contact Simon Turner of ERS on +44(0)1454 203 460, or submit a CV to, to register your general interest, or apply to for this position, or for other Nuclear Projects or Atomic Power Plant Sites, of which further details are available at

  2. Careers and Jobs with the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII)

    Applications for Nuclear Installations Inspectorate Jobs
    Energy Recruitment Solutions Ltd (“ERS”) has been appointed by HSE to assist in the appointment of Nuclear Installation Inspectors for the UK’s Nuclear Sites. Health and Safety Executive.

    Major Nuclear sites in Great Britain:
    The NII inspectors are and will be based in HSE’s Redgrave Court complex in Bootle, Merseyside the Headquarters of NII and will cover:
    Dounreay, Rosyth, Torness, Hartlepool, Hunterston, Chapelcross, Windscale, Calder, Halland, Sellafield, Barrow in-Furness, Springfields, Heysham, Capenhurst, Bootle, Wylfa, Cardiff, Trawsfynydd, Derby, Bradwell, Harwell, Amersham, Aldermaston, Burghfield, Imperial College, Berkeley, Oldbury, Sizewell, Dungeness, Hinkley Point, Winfrith, Devonport. (locations of current major Nuclear licensed sites).

    ERS can be contacted on 01454 203 460, or via e-mail to
    Further details are available at, details of positions available via ERS are available at

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