Professional Nuclear Job Curriculum Vitae Compilation

Professional Nuclear Job Curriculum Vitae Compilation

You have the sufficient talent and the right experience, so your resume will have no problem in getting the dream job in the prestigious world of Nuclear Energy, right? Well not exactly. You can’t really assume the possibilities of a successful job hunt in simply making a new or revising an old resume. While you are correctly representing the excellent employee and consummate Nuclear industry professional that you believe you are or could be, some competition will always be present and there will be always be hundreds of talented people applying for the same job you’re after.

An effective resume for other industry sector professionals won’t necessarily be effective for your Nuclear industry resume. Usually, resumes are arranged in chronological way of experiences. However in the Nuclear field, being safety conscious and project or objective oriented will be a distinct advantage. Special security clearance will be required for most positions. This means that it would be advisable to list the important relevant project experiences you have had in relation to the position that you’re aspiring to or applying for. Of course don’t miss out on the important skills you have acquired over your working experience that demonstrate your communication, management and people skills.

Let us explore the rest of the important tips you need to know on creating the eye-catching Nuclear Job resume:

  • Be Specific – As a skilled, experienced, qualified professional, you’re probably used to having multi-tasking multi-disciplined projects on the go and be able to think laterally and outside the box. But don’t bore future employers with the usual resume clichés and broad skills and experience descriptions. It would be better to have one or two-line description for every project experience you have gained in your list of abilities.
  • Be Realistic About Your Salary/Rate – As we all know Nuclear professionals do make a handsome living, but salaries do have variables which include areas of specialization and relevant experience. When a potential employer’s agency like ERS contacts you, they would probably ask for your expected salary range/pay rate and/or your salary/pay rate history in your career to date. Although you may not have thought about it, be sure to come up with a reasonable range based on certain variables in the Nuclear industry. You can probably think of thinning out your expectations if the company offers other great benefits such as prestige, flexible hours/working arrangements, a good pension scheme, generous tax breaks, special working-away accommodation rates, company car, or great accommodation allowances. Be prepared with a degree of flexibility in your desired salary/pay rate range and in your future salary/pay rate expectations or else you might end up loosing the bid for the position you want.
  • Words Used Are Just As Important! – Though it’s important that your resume be written in reader-friendly formatted language that makes sense to managers looking to hire talented engineers, it’s also very possible that your resume will be scanned for specific keywords, possibly electronically. Electronic Scanning is becoming increasingly common—especially in technical professions such as those associated with construction, technical and scientific jobs, where hundreds of resumes might reach the specialist hiring agency—and if your resume is found lacking, it may not move on from the initial sift. Make sure you weave in your qualifications, certifications, major achievements, relevant experience and experience that has been outlined in the job posting, mimicking the posting’s language where it clearly makes sense. 
  • Clearly Define Your Objectives – Most CV’s nowadays have defined career objectives at the beginning. If you have that, be sure that your objectives are in line with the position you are applying for or aspiring to progress into after training. If you’re aiming for Civil Engineering but your background or specified objectives are associated with Mechanical Engineering, the chances are your resume won’t have a chance of progression and reaching the prospective employer. If it gives the impression that you are not paying adequate attention in your application to the job description or it appears you’re not really the type of employee/contractor that they want for that post. Nor does an all too general fluffy objective such as “I will utilize my extensive skills to benefit your company” make an effective impression. Prospective employers are looking for the best most suitable person with the most extensive experience and appropriate knowledge and qualification to succeed in the role with which they are entrusted. If you have this, you owe it to yourself to project this in your CV submissions.

If you would like professional assistance in preparing a CV, or to discuss possible suitable jobs, or similar posts, please contact ERS on +44 (0)1454 203 460, or submit your CV to, or to register your interest or apply for a position.


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