First Call BMW “German Specialists” of Nailsea – CAUTION

Personally I have endured some very disappointing experiences with First Call. They broke bits (generally through apparent carelessness), ‘lost’ expensive and valuable/rare parts, are prone to sending rude abrupt texts or e-mails, (if you get any response at all) and have reduced my wife to tears on at least two occasions following repeated problems and breakdowns with her two cars. We have trusted them with four of our cars in total, so I speak with some authority here.

They were trusted with my wife’s W124 300TD (which has since been maintained elsewhere and now drives much better) essential for transporting our four children to separate schools, my Son’s/Wife’s Clio that they use for work, which is now also maintained elsewhere, and more worryingly still, I also trusted them with both my personal pride and joys (a Brabus S124 E3.6-24v and an Mercedes-Benz W124 E280, now needing to be re-restored and repaired elsewhere), which whilst waiting for yet more repairs due to bad running problems, were externally vandalised whilst at First Calls premises, along with a large number of other customer’s cars too. They have denied any responsibility (despite promising to keep them safe inside the unit for us) and have left us with the considerable costs of the repairs to bear, which simply adds insult to injury.

They have charged us a small fortune over the last couple of years (thousands) for what has proved to be sub-standard service (my wife’s Diesel repeatedly breaking down, problems with the Clio, the Brabus breaking down on the M5 shortly after having had an expensive major service by them, the E280 running like a bag of nails immediately after a major and expensive service by them, etc.). It’s been a total nightmare.

We are nice patient, polite, understanding, easy going, ordinary people, who always paid our bills on time without any quibble, etc., so I really do not feel we deserved this appalling, disgraceful and disrespectful treatment. They were nice as pie at first when Scott Harrowing was working on his own out of his garage at home and putting leaflets under car windscreens to try and get work, and as I’m a sucker for someone setting-up a new business and we really liked him, we gave him/them a try with over a £1000 worth of work paid for in cash on collection. But then when they moved to a smart new unit, the bills started getting really big and the cars just never ran right, and like fools (suckers?) we kept going back for more repairs for the additional new problems.

It’s all been terribly disappointing, as we’ve been a customer since they first opened. Both my personal cars (my pride and joys) have been left in a shocking condition which is going to cost a fortune to put right as they are presently in an undriveable condition and now elsewhere pending restoration.

Apparently I gave First Call too many jobs to do on my cars which meant they did none of them. It seems I am too fussy, as I want my cars ‘just so’ – I thought that was a good customer not a problem, as I always paid up in full without a quibble.

Prior to using First Call, the Brabus had been fully restored and featured in Mercedes Enthusiast magazine, shown at the Bristol Car Show and the South West Festival of Motoring and won prizes. I had restored the car to show standard over three years, with no expense spared, and with the invaluable assistance of an excellent car restoration specialist in North Somerset, County Brabus in Cheltenham and Brabus in Germany.

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