ERS Candidate and Hiring Client Referrals Scheme

ERS Candidate and Hiring Client Referrals Scheme


Or the simple equation:


£/ERS = £4U


ERS has trebled in size in terms of the internal team of highly experienced specialists and consultants, and also in the Client base of industry leading firms, reflected by turnover doubling, thereby bucking the credit crunch/recessionary trend. The Management remain suitably conservative, prudent and cautious, ensuring that ERS’s growth is organic, consistent and sustained.     


Simon Turner, a Senior Consultant for ERS, attributes much of this tangible success to ERS’s deliberate focus on the niche Atomic Power and Nuclear Energy Recruitment specialisations, combined with the strong effort-brings-reward culture and results driven ethos within the ever expanding highly motivated, pro-active and hand picked team at ERS, selected for the professionalism and commitment to excellence.


In addition, Simon attributes much of the success of the firm to the considerable volume of referrals from successfully placed Candidates and very satisfied past and present Clients. In response to this fact, and to acknowledge the value of such referrals from Clients, Candidates and indeed other sources, ERS have introduced a formal referral reward scheme for quality referrals resulting in successfully placed Candidates with new or existing Clients, or for the introduction of an instructing Client on receipt of placement fees for a successful Candidate engagement on contract or permanent basis.


Whilst this is predominantly a tangible ‘thank you’ gesture to acknowledge the value of quality referrals to a growing business in a niche market, the opportunity has been enthusiastically grasped, with rewards ranging from £50 to £500 in value being distributed.


For more information about ERS visit To take advantage of this offer, please contact Simon Turner, Senior Consultant at ERS (Energy Recruitment Solutions Ltd) on Tel 01454 203 460 or 


To register a CV with ERS to receive details of Nuclear Jobs available via ERS, please submit a CV to


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