Applying via ERS to work for HSE



Application and

selection procedure

If after reading this information blog you wish to apply, please contact our appointed Recruitment Consultants ERS (, in order that you can progress your application through the appropriate channels.


Applications will be reviewed and scored on the evidence provided against the competencies specified. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an assessment centre, which will be held at the HSE NII Merseyside Headquarters, Redgrave Court, Merton Road, Bootle.

Travel expenses for interview

Within certain limits, we will refund your travelling expenses (and if you have to stay overnight away form home, your accommodation costs) incurred when attending an interview. Please note that only applies to expenses incurred within the UK and we cannot refund expenses for travel to the UK from abroad.





If you would like to find out more about the positions available please contact Mr Simon Turner of ERS on 01454 203 460 or by e-mail to

To discuss this or similar posts, please contact ERS on 01454 203 460, or submit a CV to, to register your interest or apply for this position, further details available at



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