Atomic Sector Mushrooms and bucks the Recession with Boom in Nuclear Jobs

Atomic Sector Mushrooms and bucks the Recession with Boom in Nuclear Jobs

Simon Turner, Senior Consultant with Energy Recruitment Solutions Ltd (“ERS”) reports that the Nuclear Sector is enjoying unprecedented demand across all disciplines, and that ERS have seen a massive increase in Client demand for Construction, Health and Safety, Engineering, IT and Quality Control related personnel.

Simon reports that demand through ERS is such, that Chartered Civil Engineers and Health and Safety professionals with transferable skills are coming across from other sectors in droves to join the jobs bonanza that Nuclear specialists ERS is presently enjoying.

Simon advises that demand is outstripping supply and that his Nuclear Specialist Recruitment team has tripled in size this year, primarily in response to the growth that Energy Recruitment Solutions is experiencing, in direct response to major developments and international growth in Nuclear Power Plant new-build programmes.   

To discuss suitable available Nuclear Job opportunities that are of interest, please contact Simon Turner of ERS on +44 (0)1454 203 460, or submit a CV to, to register your general interest, or to apply for a position you’ve seen on, or to register to be kept informed of other positions on Nuclear projects or at Atomic Power Plant Sites.

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