Modularisation FAB Shop Manager, China

By mrcas

October 6, 2008

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Modularisation FAB Shop Manager

Reference: 1223290340

A Modularisation FAB Shop Manager is required for a position in China. The successful candidate needs to have demonstrated and proven track records in self performed construction and fabrication work and must demonstrate expertise in Module Fabrication.




Salary negotiable depending on qualifications and experience.

Job Responsibilities

The Module Fabrication Shop Manager oversees the Module Fabrication Shop for Module Fabrication and Delivery for the Haiyang Project.

The Module Fabrication Shop Manager monitors site schedule to identify trends and takes proactive measures to maintain progress.

Ensures site QA/QC Program is being followed by the Fabrication Shop Subcontractor. Ensures Safety Standards are being met.

Implements programs to oversee and monitor progress of the Fabrication Shop. Supports coordination of interfaces between design groups and ensures module design supports fabrication.

The Module Fabrication Shop Manager must interface with the Procurement Group to provide schedule and technical requirements for procurement of materials.

Provide routine reporting on fabrication contractor activities, including immediate reporting of urgent issues.

Provides for audits and surveillances to ensure milestones are met for contract performance.

The Module Fabrication Shop Manager resolves complex problems to assist the project between internal and external organizations.

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