ERS Nuclear Search and Selection / Head-Hunting

By mrcas

September 24, 2008

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Nuclear Sector; Search & Selection / Head-Hunting

Identifying and attracting Senior Directors to your business

Simon Turner of UK based Energy Recruitment Solutions Ltd (“ERS”), respected Nuclear Sector Recruitment Specialists, advises how to best utilise experts for identifying, attracting and securing the highest caliber business professionals into your operation.  ERS are acknowledged Search and Selection (a.k.a. “Head-Hunting”) experts in the Nuclear field and a leading specialist recruiter for Nuclear Jobs.

Simon Turner advises that ERS Search and Select at Director and Senior Managerial professionals for Government Departments, Nuclear Specialist Engineering firms and Contractors, Atomic Power Plant operators, Technical Contractors, Operating Companies, Consulting firms and Construction Engineering organisations world-wide.

Main areas of current Client business have been focused across Europe (UK, France, Finland, etc. and including Eastern Europe), South Africa and China.

Simon stated that “This approach is essential for those vital and important key positions, for which the Client simply cannot rely on chance or random availability for selecting the best person for the role and equally of the right person at the right time.”

Energy Recruitment Solutions have achieved notable successes within the UK and internationally, providing Search and Selection (“Head-Hunting”) within the Nuclear Sector at Senior and Board level including Safety, Construction, Pre-Commissioning and De-Commissioning, Operations, Procurement, Bid and Tender Management, Project Programme, etc. 

Whether an organisation is looking for a new Chief Executive, Finance Director, Safety Director, Construction Director or another Senior Level or Specialist Technical Candidate, Simon advises that ERS (Energy Recruitment Solutions Ltd) can assist with virtually any Nuclear Recruitment requirement.


How it works

Energy Recruitment Solutions are experts in identifying rare candidates and attracting them to your business.

ERS employ a carefully mapped out 10 step process, which is followed for every position undertaken, Simon has summarised this below:-

 1,      Client Brief received understood and verified

 2,      Research specialty/understand

 3,      Target list compilation

 4,      Present target list to client

 5,      Candidate approaches in progress

 6,      Interview and Screening

 7,      Client short list presentation

 8,      Client Interview Process

 9,      Client Offer

10,     Candidate management and acceptance of offer


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