Responsible Engineer, Westlakes, Whitehaven, Cumbria, UK

Responsible Engineer

Reference: 1221739114

Ref. No. 313/KAF. Senior Engineer to work on technical tasks and co-ordinate the work of a multi-descipline team of up to 10 engineers on the functional design of small scale design packages for the operational plant at Sellafield. The right individual has the opportunity to grow the business beyond the level indicated in this vacancy, which if achieved, could lead to a Team Leader.




Dependent upon qualifications and experience.

Job Responsibilities

Responsible for the recruitment and co-ordination of a design team of up to 10 engineering staff.

Production of technical plans and estimates for work.

Responsible for allocating technical work.

Ensuring work is adequately produced, checked and approved in line with the technical plan.

Production of design documents, drawings, equipment specifications and technical reports.

Communicate effectively within the multi-discipline design team in addition to Client and Supply Chain representatives.

Ensure the design meets the operational/design requirements, and any Safety Functional requirements.

Check, verify and approve engineering drawings and documents in line with the technical plan.

Contact ERS on 01454 203 460, or submit a CV to, to register your interest or apply, details at


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