Document Controller, Sizewell, Suffolk, UK

By mrcas

August 15, 2008

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Document Controller, Sizewell, Suffolk, UK

Reference: 1218733834

ERS have a Client who is actively seeking to appoint a Document Controller with excellent document management skills and administration experience.




Attractive package and competitive salary depending on qualifications and experience

Job Responsibilities

The Document Controller will compile a central register of project documentation. They will receive from Engineering Groups their list of drawings / documents. The Project Group will also provide a list of major project documentation and those documents received from the Client. The methods used will be as defined in the Project co-ordination Procedure.

The Document Controller will be responsible for the distribution of those documents referred to above. They will receive the original of the document, together with details of its distribution from the originator. They will arrange the necessary printing / copying and the return to the originator or filing of the original.

For vendor’s documents at the time of creating the documents on the register, they will record the planned receipt dates; at subsequent receipt or issue dates they will record the next due date to or from the vendor.

All document issues will be accompanied by a transmittal note and the Document Controller will maintain a file for all transmittals issued by Document Control.

As defined in the Project Co-ordination Procedure, status reports will be issued by the Document Controller. They will also be responsible for providing reports to Procurement and Engineering Departments to allow them to expedite the movement of vendor’s documents.

Contact ERS ( on 01454 203 460 or submit a CV to to register your interest or apply.


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