Commissioning Manager, Aldermaston

Commissioning Manager

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10th July 2008 at 10:28 BST by Nikki Ambler. Permalink.

Our client is seeking a Commissioning Manager to manage a team to carry out the commissioning of projects through the production of documentation, organisation of all meetings, tests, demonstrations, training events, and performance.




Competitive salary depending on qualifications and experience

Job Responsibilities

Ensure commissioning proceeds according to the Site Licence Conditions and Company Safety Procedures.

Ensure commissioning is properly organised and proceeds in a structured, safe manner.

Ensure a commissioning programme is issued which follows a logical sequence of events.

Ensure the commissioning organisation set up is sufficient to carry out the testing.

Ensure the commissioning is carried out according to the approved procedures and signed off with adequate recording of the test results.

Ensure the procedures test all the equipment to the agreed performance in the Project Specification.

Ensure any reservations are raised and cleared if possible, or concessions to performance are agreed and documented.

Ensure any modifications raised are properly documented and reviewed according to company procedures.

Define the Commissioning Strategy.

Carry out a Commissioning Assessment.

Set up commissioning teams and documentation schemes from scratch.

Be responsible for commissioning of equipment from the Factory Acceptance Tests (some travel to suppliers works may be necessary) to end of active commissioning and handover of the equipment to the User.

Write or manage the content, production and approval of the commissioning documentation to describe the commissioning organisation and testing, including commissioning management and team organisation, commissioning testing, operator and maintainer staff training, and documentation requirements and all related testing, verification, acceptance and quality control procedures.

Carry out the commissioning through organisation of all meetings, tests, demonstrations, training events, and performance verifications described in the contract documents and approved commissioning procedures.

Manage contractors or manpower resource to produce and approve the above documents and to carry out the commissioning.

Maintain the commissioning records and collate into a commissioning handover package.

Feedback any lessons learnt into the site commissioning, design and project organisations.

For more details contact ERS Tel:01454 203 460 or submit an CV


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