Amec Sellafield Win, ERS Supplying Personnel

Amec Sellafield Win



A Consortium including Amec, Areva and Washington Group, have out-maneuvered competitors in being awarded the £17billion contract to clean up Sellafield’s Civil and Defence related Nuclear Waste. This £1.6 Billion per year contract will also cover the spent fuel processing and fuel fabrication aspects of the Sellafield sites activities.

Energy Recruitment Solutions Ltd (ERS), the specialist Nuclear Recruitment Agency will be actively supporting Amec and its Consortium partners in relation to the supply of staffing and contract personnel at Sellafield and potentially further future projects resulting from the ongoing commercial relationship.

Senior Consultant at ERS, Simon Turner advises that it is good news that the Nuclear Power Station developer Areva has teamed up with Amec and Washington Group, which lends itself to the increasing involvement Sellafield’s future long term development and the expected next generation of Nuclear Power Stations likely to be based in Cumbria as a result of this contract.

Energy Recruitment Solutions Ltd supplies both contract and staffing solutions to the UK Nuclear Energy and Atomic Power related Specialist Engineering Sector, and embraces the redevelopment of the Sellafield sites attracting and employing the local work forces, forging and strengthening ongoing commercial relationships with Amec and its Consortium members.

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