Senior Human Factors Analyst, Aldermaston

Senior Human Factors Analyst

Reference: 1215515277

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Our client is seeking a Senior Human Factors Analyst to provide a broad range of human factors activities to the design and assessment of major projects across the company. In addition, as part of the Major Hazards Assessment Group, to provide technical human factors input into the production of safety documentation for all types of facilities. Also responsible for the development and implementation of Human Factors methodologies and the broadening of Human Factors awareness across the company.




Competitive salary depending on qualifications and experience

Job Responsibilities

Provide support to the company’s intelligent customer focus for Human Factors Integration (HFI) to the company Safety Case and Design Project personnel, including human factors support to contractors, by defining the company’s HFI Relevant Good Practice through Company Safety Procedure and Project Delivery guidance documentation.

Production of human factors assessments and other technical inputs to the design process and to safety cases and safety documentation for a range of facilities including radioactive, explosives and chemical plant.

Support the technical management of the company and consultancy resources across all Human Factors work areas, ensuring deliverables are to the required time, cost and technical standard.

Development and implementation of the company’s human factors handbook, and other corporate human factors guidance, and support the development and delivery of training material as required.

Provide guidance on the company’s Human Factors Integration process for all stages of the project lifecycle.

Operate within the company standards relating to Security, Quality, Environment, Safety and Health.

Interact at all levels with other departments across the company.

Provide human factors advice and support to the design of new facilities as well as support to existing facilities (including those undergoing decommissioning).

Interface with the following, as required:

Operational Facility Managers and their staff
Directors and senior managers
Regulatory authorities

For more details contact ERS Tel:01454 203 460 or submit an CV


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