Craft Inspector, Burghfield, UK

Craft Inspector

Reference: 1216117130

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Our client is seeking a Craft Inspector to provide inspection/quality control support to the manufacture of components, sub assemblies and assembly/disassembly operations.




Competitive salary depending on qualifications and experience

Job Responsibilities

Ensure compliance with product specifications.

To carry out examinations on components and/or assemblies on the Trident Warhead.

Provide supervision of examiner staff carrying out various quality control activities.

Ensure PIMS route cards are completed in a timely and accurate manner.

To raise and progress defect reports, release documents and breakdown activity reports as required.

To maintain the quarantine area, carry out defect reporting and support defect review.

Ensure equipment used in quality control is calibrated, maintained and approved.

Carry out receipt inspections of incoming components.

Cleaning up waste and carrying out general housekeeping of the work area.

Calibration of inspection equipment.

To follow operating procedures and safe systems of work.

To carry out safety/certification checks on tooling and equipment prior to use.

To work within statutory requirements.

To comply with requirements defined in the company safety, quality and environmental manuals.

Contact ERS on +44 (0) 1454 203 460 or submit a CV to to register your interest or apply for this position.


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