Graduate Commissioning Engineer, Aldermaston, UK

Graduate Commissioning Engineer

Reference: 1216121087

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Our client is seeking a Graduate Commissioning Engineer to carry out the commissioning of projects through organisation of all meetings, tests, demonstrations, training events, and performance verifications and approved commissioning procedures.




Competitive salary dependent on qualifications and experience

Job Responsibilities

Ensure commissioning proceeds in a structured, safe manner.

Ensure the procedures test all the equipment to the agreed performance.

Ensure the commissioning is carried out according to the approved procedures.

Ensure a commissioning programme is issued which follows a logical sequence of events.

Ensure the commissioning organisation set up is sufficient to carry out the testing.

Ensure any reservations are raised and cleared if possible, or concessions to performance are agreed and documented.

Assist with commissioning projects at the company site.

Take responsibility for the commissioning of small projects.

Write commissioning strategies, assessments, plans, procedures and reports as required.

Draw up commissioning programmes.

Advise on commissioning requirements to projects on site.

Act as the focal point for commissioning of allocated projects, to liaise with all stakeholders and provide support as necessary to ensure a successful commissioning phase.

Attend Design Reviews.

Carry out trouble shooting, problem solving and design work as required.

Carry out additional functions to ensure the graduate training scheme (commissioning based) is followed.

Please contact ERS on 44 (0) 1454 203 460 to register your interest in this position.


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