Control and Instrumentation Engineer, Aldermaston, UK

Control and Instrumentation Engineer

Our client is seeking an Control and Instrumentation Engineer to help deliver safe, timely and effectively professional quality design requirements of the major investment schemes, capital and other programmes.




Competitive salary depending on qualifications and experience

Job Responsibilities

Ensure monitoring of engineering configuration changes within the appointed discipline on behalf of the Design Authority.

Ensure Review Learn and Improve (RLI) of Quality of Engineering in discipline and compliance with the Project Book and Project Processes.

Ensure integrated safety when reviewing or producing engineering designs.

Ensure maintenance of appointed discipline standards.

Ensure investigation of designs for compliance including all legal regulatory requirements.

Ensure compliance with company Security, Quality, Environment, Safety and Health (SQESH) requirements.

Provide internal engineering design and consultancy capability within appointed discipline.

Ensure the preparation and delivery of design solutions which fully comply with all applicable current legislation , British Standards and the company Design Standards to agreed time, cost and quality requirements.

Ensure compliance in all activities undertaken, with company SQESH requirements.

Member of the Engineering Team.

Communicate with staff within appointed discipline.

Contribute to integrated safety when reviewing or producing engineering designs.

Contact with relevant professional institutions, academia and industry.

Contribute to maintenance of appointed discipline standards.

Review as requested, within appointed discipline, changes to the company assets.

Use best practice in appointed discipline projects and services.

Maintain effective working relationships with other Authorities / disciplines.

Support knowledge base development in appointed discipline.

Ensuring that all engineering staff are suitably qualified with regard to the activities that they perform.

Ensuring that all engineering staff undertake risk assessments for all tasks and work to the requirements of relevant Safe Systems of Work (SSoW) and Construction, Design and Management Regulations (CDM).

Implementation of National Standards and Statutory Codes of Practice; the company and Health and Safety Executive and Safety Assesment Principles.

Ensuring that SQESH corporate objectives are met.

Please contact ERS on 44 (0) 1454 203 460 to register your interest in this position.


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