China AP 1000 URGENT Staffing Requirements, Critical Mass


China AP 1000 URGENT Staffing Requirements, Critical Mass

Nuclear Job Opportunities: (Contract or Staff)

Project Controls Manager

NI Procurement QA Supervisor

Haiyang Schedule Supervisor

Cost Systems Manager

Sanmen Contracts Manager

Sanmen Project Controls Manager

Sanmen Chief Scheduler

Sanmen Field Engineer Manager

Sanmen QA Manager

Haiyang Director

Haiyang Construction Manager

Haiyang HSE Manager

Haiyang Project Controls Manager

Haiyang Chief Scheduler

Haiyang Field Engineering Manager

Haiyang QA Manager

URGENT: Nuclear Jobs in China


  1. Safety Engineers “China”
  2. Process Engineers “China”
  3. Project & Programme Managers
  4. Logistics Manager Nuclear Construction “China”
  5. Construction Engineers China
  6. Materials Manager “China”
  7. CHINA : Lead Engineer for Modules Construction
  8. CHINA : IMS and Documents Manager
  9. “China” – Modularisation Fabrication Manager
  10. Office Manager – Sanmen, “China”
  11. Office Manager- Haiyang “China”
  12. Project Controls Manager
  13. Field Engineering Manager
  14. EHS Specialist
  15. Cost and Risk Controller
  16. Chief QC Inspector
  17. Mathematical Modeller
  18. Human Factors Consultants
  19. Chief Welding QC
  20. Construction Manager
  21. Experienced Nuclear Safety Consultants
  22. Document Controller
  23. Containment Vessel Superintendent
  24. Cost Systems Manager
  25. Piping Design Engineer

For more details of these positions attracting excellent terms, please contact Simon Turner at ERS on +44(0) 1454 203 460 in the first instance, or submit a CV to to register your interest or to apply for a position.


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