Organic Materials Chemist, Aldermaston

Organic Materials Chemist

Reference: 1215512580

8th July 2008 at 11:23 BST by Nikki Ambler. Permalink.

Our client is seeking a Organic Materials Chemist to work in a team of organic/polymer/materials chemists, to develop new organic materials and provide technical guidance to underwrite the UK’s nuclear deterrent.




Competitive salary depending on qualifications and experience

Job Responsibilities

Research and develop organic/polymer materials on both a fundamental and warhead based level.

Provide technical support to manufacturing facilities and other company work programmes.

To work proactively both as an individual and in teams to achieve the departmental goals.

Continuously develop specialist skills and expertise in organic/polymer chemistry.

Maintain an awareness of current literature and international research status.

Communicate experimental results using oral and written presentation.

Manage or assist with Extra-Mural Research contracts.

Maintain a cutting edge capability to characterise organic materials.

Contribute to the structuring of the company research programmes.

Act as a specialist resource for the company organic/polymer/materials chemistry problems.

Act as a specialist resource for chemical and other safety matters.

Operate complex analytical instrumentation.

To ensure work conducted in laboratories complies with legislative and company Environment, Health, Safety, Security and Quality Standards.

To ensure effective communications with peers, technical leads and line management.

Safeguard company information and assets from unauthorised access or disclosure.

for more details ERS Tel:01454 203 460 or Submit an CV


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