Embedded Electronic Engineer, Aldermaston

Embedded Electronic Engineer

Reference: 1215511915

8th July 2008 at 11:11 BST by Nikki Ambler. Permalink.

Our client is seeking an Embedded Electronic Engineer to be a member of a team involved in the design and development of Warhead Electrical Systems. To build capability in the area of Arming Fuzing and Firing systems and their integration into Warhead systems. The role will concentrate on the application of commercial technologies to robust microprocessor systems




Competitive salary depending on qualifications and experience

Job Responsibilities

Lead the hardware development of COTS based digital hardware systems to solve departmental problems and contribute to the down selection and underwriting of suitable technologies.

Provide technical leadership in the development of COTS based approaches within the company and with external companies.

To assist in the execution of appropriate programmes to ensure that capability is developed and maintained.

Be part of the process to ensure that appropriate staff and facilities are available to meet the needs of our customer.

Lead the development of control systems using microprocessors and programmable hardware techniques using commercial high integrity approaches.

Maintenance and development of WES capability, in relevant technology areas, for Trident support and any possible future successor.

Identify high integrity commercial techniques Assess the applicability of identified technologies to WES problems.

Develop demonstration hardware.

Design informal software.

Provide advice on the application of standard commercial technologies.

Interact with industry to facilitate the development of high integrity techniques.

Ensure his/her performance and development is actively managed to meet current and future business needs.

Maintain good understanding of company and local issues.

Assistance with programme development and execution.

Input and advise appropriately to programme studies.

Execute programme for development of Warhead Electrical Systems.

Obtain understanding of future requirements and technology trends/solutions.

Maintain and encourage outreach activities.

Engage in collaborative activities with US labs, UK industry and academia.

Promote Business best practice (e.g. IIP and partnership).

Ensure understanding and apply responsibilities with regard to the Company’s Environment, Health, Safety, Security and Quality Standards.

For more Details contact ERS Tel :01454 203 460 or Submit an CV cv@energyrs.co.uk


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