Electromagnetic Engineer, Aldermaston

Electromagnetic Engineer

Reference: 1215510950

8th July 2008 at 10:55 BST by Nikki Ambler. Permalink.

Our client is seeking a Electromagnetic Engineer to be a key member of a team responsible for research, design and delivery of electro-mechanical devices which perform safety and security functions within the warhead system.




Competitive salary depending on qualifications and experience

Job Responsibilities

Contribute to development and delivery of demonstrable capability in nuclear warhead safety and security system design.

In particular:

Analysis of electro-mechanical technologies; design and development of electro-mechanical systems.

Responsible to the respective task manager(s) for:

Liaison with other sections, contractors and external organisations involved in technology development and component design/manufacture supporting Programme Element activities, placing and monitoring contracts where necessary.

Ensuring that designs meet the necessary safety, security and performance criteria inherent in their functionality.

Producing reports and design documentation as required.

Maintaining at all times adequate design records and documentation to demonstrate fitness for purpose of the design and to ensure that customer quality requirements as laid down in the relevant Quality Plan are satisfied.

Planning, monitoring and reporting progress of work carried out, reporting deviations to the Task Manager.

Liaison with US colleagues with respect to collaborative design and information interchange on system requirements, technologies, design methodologies and techniques.

Participate in the company graduate training programme.

For more details contact ERS Tel: 01454 203 460 or Submit anCV cv@energyrs.co.uk


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