Warhead Electrical Systems Engineering Technician, Aldermaston

Warhead Electrical Systems Engineering Technician

Reference: 1215515685

ERS have a Client who is seeking a Warhead Electrical Systems Engineering Technician for layout and construction of electronics hardware for use in Warhead Electrical System (WES) sub-assemblies/related items, and provision of design support.



Salary Competitive Salary depending on qualifications and experience

Job Responsibilities

To produce electronics hardware as required by design engineers.

To support programme element development activities.

Produce electronics hardware to a suitable standard in support of Warhead Electrical Systems (WES) design activities, including assembly and wiring of electronics circuits and modules.

Design and procure printed circuit boards (PCBs) for use within WES assemblies.

Support component selection and supply activities.

Liaison with design engineers, drawing office, manufacturing and other sections as required to establish requirements, agree designs and produce hardware.

Support inspection and other quality control activities as necessary.

Ensure that layouts and assemblies meet necessary safety, security and other performance criteria, and that relevant quality requirements are satisfied.

Maintain at all times adequate design records and documentation to demonstrate the fitness for purpose of designs.

Plan and monitor progress of work carried out, reporting deviations to the task manager.

Tel: 01454 203 460



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