Senior Facility Engineer, Aldermaston

Senior Facility Engineer

Reference: 1215514721

ERS has a Client who is seeking a Senior Facility Engineer to provide mechanical/process engineering support in aid of facility operations, specialising in the area of glovebox containment systems and enclosed glovebox manufacturing plant and equipment.




Competitive salary depending on qualifications and experience

Job Responsibilities

Engineer plant and equipment modifications (Modification Manager) to comply with modern standards ensuring compliance with Nuclear Licence Conditions for Change Control.

Comply with Facility configuration policy and maintain the configuration baseline.

Advise the Facility Manager on a variety of complex and novel matters of technical judgement affecting the above areas.

Undertake and lead technical investigations to identify root cause of plant failures or performance trends.

Prepare engineering specifications for capital projects, review associated design submissions and witness test and installation through handover.

Fulfil Facility Engineer, suitably, qualified, experienced person (SQEP) role for delivery of operational support modifications.

Fulfil Responsible Engineer (SQEP) role for specification and verification approach to the delivery of sponsored capital projects.

Delivery of modifications (Modification Management role) to time and cost within agreed boundaries.

Delivering the concise specification of technical requirement and applicable standards. Ensure that completed designs and associated installations meet facility requirements.

Keep up to date with developments in field of expertise (technical and legislative).

Tel: 01454 203 460


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