Role: IMS and Documents Manager, Location: Haiyang, China. Agency: ERS

IMS and Documents Manager

Agency: ERS

ERS’s Job Reference: 1212747332

ERS’s: Permalink.

ERS have a vacancy for an IMS and Documents Manager at Haiyang in China.

The role is for an IT Manager to perform a variety of complicated tasks and manage the project team at the nuclear power plant.


Haiyang, China


Negotiable according to approriate experience, qualifications and established competencies.

Role Duties:

• Directs, establishes, plans and implements the policies and procedures to support the organisation’s business applications and technical infrastructure.

• Manages IT projects and project teams.

• Performs a variety of complicated tasks.

• Reviews, evaluates, implements and maintains company database[s] and vendor applications.

• Tests new and modified applications.

• Identifies data sources, provides data flow diagrams and documents the process.

• Performs client needs assessment.

• Writes and revises program documentation, operations documentation, and user guides.

• Communicates technical concepts to other technical staff. As well as professional operations staff, non-technical members of organisation, and Relies on broad industry experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.

• May lead and direct the work of others.

Required Skills:

• Bachelor’s degree in a related area with adequate years of experience.

• Familiarity with project scheduling and project budgeting.

• Familiarity with a wide area of technical and business concepts.

• Desirable: Familiarity with an EDMS (Electronic Document Management System).

• Expert user of applications and vendor products to meet flow on complex projects.

Contact Simon Turner at ERS on 01454 203 460 or submit a CV to to register your interest.


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