Systems Engineer, Piping and Mechanical, Trawsfynydd / Warrington

Systems Engineer,Piping & Mechanical

Reference: 1214910855

To support the Engineering Manager in his duties To check and expedite designs and engineering processes To assist with procurement contracts




According to experience

Job responsibilities

To support the Engineering Manager in his duties.

To check and expedite designs and engineering processes.

To assist with procurement contracts.

To assist in the preparation of weekly/monthly reports.
To monitor progress and variations of designs.

To visit design teams and progress the work and report on it.

To monitor programme deliverables.

To liaise with client and other partner organisations as necessary.
To monitor and progress the engineering procedures.

Skills, Knowledge and Special Attributes Needed

Minimum qualification required is HND in Engineering, or equivalent.

It is preferable that newly recruited post-holders would hold an Engineering Degree, or have a level of experience equivalent.

A comprehensive working knowledge of nuclear and conventional plant is required as well as a detailed understanding of the TSIF Engineering Process or else the Environmental Services Engineering Procedures from which the TSIF procedures have evolved.

A basic understanding of Contract conditions.

Basic Financial Skills.

Skill in written and oral communication The ability to communicate, organise, co-ordinate and motivate others.

A technical background is required.

The systems engineer should be able to impose themselves on the design team to avoid over-complication / over elaboration in the design of what will, in many cases, be innovative solutions.

The systems engineer shall be capable of forecasting manpower requirements and understand planning requirements.

Detailed knowledge of P3e is not required.


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