Safety Case Engineer, Science, Burghfield

Safety Case Engineer, Science

Reference: 1215426032

7th July 2008 at 11:20 BST by Nikki Ambler. Permalink.

Our client is looking for a Safety Case Engineer to be responsible to the Safety Case Manager for effectively producing and providing advice on the safety case and associated documentation.




Competitive salary depending to qualifications and experience

Job Responsibilities

To support the production and maintenance of the Facility Safety Case.

To produce and maintain outputs of the Safety Case, e.g. the Operating Envelope, as required.

To provide advice and support as required on all Safety Case matters.

To support the safety case requirements of Assembly Projects.

To operate within the company standards relating to Security, Quality, Environment, Safety and Health.

To comply with the Nuclear Site License and all other statutory requirements.

To provide information to support Toolbox Briefings, Licensed Site Assurance Meetings, the Case for Continued Operations, etc.

To provide support in maintaining pro-active regulatory interface with all internal and external regulators.

To provide Emergency Response duties as required by local and company wide Emergency Arrangements.

For more details contact ERS Tel: 01454 203 460 or Submit an cv


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