Project Control Lead, Sizewell, Suffolk

Project Control Lead

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3rd July 2008 at 11:23 BST by Nikki Ambler. Permalink.

Our client requires a Project Control Lead working in Sizewell.




Competitive package, which includes a core holiday entitlement of 24 days plus UK Statutory holidays, a Pension and Life Assurance Scheme.

Job Responsibilities

Control, monitor, analyse and report for projects within a portfolio.

Establishment of a cost and resource loaded, logic linked and base lined P3e plan for the project in accordance with PPC and control processes.

Establishing Work Breakdown Strcuture/Cost Breakdown Structure in terms of project scope, taking cognisance of API and CES processes and templates.

Liaising with Project Estimator, Supply Chain, Project Manager and Task leaders to establish the project activities, costs and durations and ensuring that these reflect project scope, constraints and commitments. Challenging as necessary to ensure compatibility and compliance.

Interfacing of the project’s activities with outside interface departments or processes which have an impact on the project and ensuring that these are correctly captured.

Ensuring that the total project budget so established, is compatible with the capital amounts approved for the project, e.g. as per the Company’s capital approval process – RIRM’s etc.

Capturing the project plan in P3e using the established Work Breakdown Structure/Cost Breakdown Structure and ensuring that the logic is embraced through correct logic linking of activities.

Capturing project budgetary costs and resources in the P3e plan to determine time phasing of expenditure plus the total project budget. Manhours and costs to be captured by activity.

Facilitating acceptance of, plus ensuring that, the project plan embraces the full project work scope, is fit for purpose and is achievable. This to be done in collaboration with the Project Manager and the project’s Key Team Members/Task Managers.

Ensure that the necessary planning interface with the site Work Management Process (WMP) is established.

Base lining of the project plan.

Updating and rebase lining of the project plan on an ‘as necessary’ basis during the project lifecycle.

Maintaining authorised change records as to the reasons for and factors influencing each change to the project’s baseline plan plus the implications of such change.

Progress monitoring of the cost and resource loaded, logic linked and baselined P3e plan .

Liaise with project team members and contractors with regards to progress and financial forecasting. Updating the P3e plan on a regular and as necessary basis to comply with project reporting cycles.

Interrogate Vanguard/GTRS as to actual manhours and costs booked to the project and capturing these actual amounts in the P3e plan.

Ensuring that the actual costs and manhours captured are in line with those recorded in Vanguard/GTRS liaising with the finance department as required.

To monitor, control and analyse the project programme and cost information using earned Value Methodologies, identify variances and to bring these to the attention of the Project Manager with possible alternatives.

Prepare specific reports to facilitate challenge and analysis to meet the project’s specific needs .

Challenging schedule and cost variances against the baseline plan with inidividual tak leaders/contractors and or outside stakeholder managemenet as necessary to enable mitigation.

To be the vehicle through which proejct reporting information concernign time, cost and progress is obtained through a documented process plus regular project progress meetings.

Attending meetings as required concerning project’s progressand cost variances against the baseline plan in support of the Project Manager.

Advising project stakeholders and other interested parties as to the project’s progress.

Ensuring and overseeing the following additional and related functions are in place and that they are integrated within the project.

Change Management: To assist the Project Manager with control, monitor and update of the project change management log.

Issues Log: Raised via Project Manager’s meetings, idetnifying theissue/ownder/due date. Accessed centrally in ‘read only’ format and updated via a single source.

Financial: Cost spreadsheet (as appropriate). Cost spreadsheet maintained and updated by the Project Manager, Project control Engineer or Cost Engineer and to be in line with the project P3e plan.

Project Definitiion Document (PDD): to assist Project Manager with the drafting and updating of this document to ensure that it contains the project Scope of Work, KPI’s, payment milestones and the methodology for controlling the project schedule, costs and variances.

Commercial interface for the project re audits and providing answers to audit queries on time, cost and schedule.

For more Details contact ERS 01454 203 460 or submit an CV to


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