Facility Modification Control Manager, Aldermaston

Facility Modification Control Manager

Reference: 1215423273

7th July 2008 at 10:34 BST by Nikki Ambler. Permalink.

Our client is looking for a Facility Modification Control Manager to manage the Facility Modification and Configuration control systems and to provide technical support and advice to Facility Modification Managers.




Competitive salary offered depending on qualifications and experience

Job Responsibilities

Deliver engineering plant and equipment modification solutions compliant with modern standards and Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII) Regulatory expectations.

Progress Modification Proposal Changes from concept through to closeout, in order to maintain a manageable level of outstanding submissions.

Undertake and manage Configuration Management activities to time and budget targets.

To ensure that responsibilities with regard to the Company’s Environment, Health, Safety, Security and Quality Standards are applied and understood.

To safeguard Company information and assets from unauthorised access or disclosure, report security breaches and apply security at all times.

To provide a focus for all Configuration Control and Management activities within the agreed areas of responsibility by:

Maintaining the documentation and record system to enable traceability.

To professionally communicate management and technical issues at presentations, in meetings and by written media.

Responsible for providing engineering advice and structuring support to resolve Configuration Management and Control issues.

Liaising with Company Technical Authorities (TA) and Design Authorities (DA) to ensure that engineering ‘Best Practice’ is implemented throughout the Modification process.

Review resulting design submissions, witness works tests, installation and commissioning through project handover, ensuring compliance with Facility configuration policy.

Progress modification requests as detailed in Facility Modification Control Procedures.

Verify that all relevant sections of Modification Proposal forms are completed and required quality standards are maintained throughout the Modification Control process.

Issue details of Modification Proposals to members of the Facility Modification Control Committee (MCC).

Liase with Modification Managers to determine progress of Modification Proposal actions/hold points.

Maintain the Facility Modification Control Database with up to date and relevant information.

Prepare weekly, monthly and quarterly reports on Modification status and MCC progress.

Provide engineering advice and support to the Facility Manager and Facility Engineering Manager on configuration issues.

Undertake other duties, as directed, commensurate with present knowledge, training and experience.

For more details contact ERS Tel: 01454 203 460 or Submit an CV to cv@energyrs.co.uk


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