Senior Mechanical Building Services & HVAC Engineer, Nuclear, Aldermaston

Senior Mechanical Building Services & HVAC Engineer

Reference: 1214301543

ERS have a client seeking to appoint a Senior Mechanical Building Services & HVAC Engineer, responsible for leading a team of Mechanical Building Services and HVAC Engineers in the design and specification of the Nuclear HVAC plant & equipment for complex new facilities or modifications to existing facilities. Also to provide a focal point for Nuclear HVAC Engineering on the Project.




According to experience

Job Responsibilties

Provide professional and technical direction for Nuclear HVAC Team and the project.

Assist Design Team Leader in managing cross discipline interfaces.

Provide leadership and maintain team effectiveness.

Oversee the work of the team to be assured of the quality of work produced.

Ensure the team maintain secure, traceable records, until archiving.

Become familiar with and apply procedures that control the teams work.

Allocate technical work and responsibilities to the appropriate engineers in the team.

Ensure all technical documents and data are prepared and structured in accordance with relevant procedures.

Maintain records, traceable files and arrange archiving on closure of the project or at other times, as appropriate.

Prepare and issue change control documents in line with the Project Instruction.

Execution and reporting progress of work in accordance with the Technical Plan and the programme.

Monitor spends against work package budgets and ensure time-booking system correctly applied.

Ensuring adequate interfacing between other technical discipline.

Tel: 01454 203 460


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