Electrical Design Engineer, Leicester

Electrical Design Engineer

Reference: 1213872647

An ERS client is looking for an Electrical Design Engineer to be involved in the electrical design of equipment.




According to experience

Job Responsibilities

Automation of Cranes and Hoists.

Control of Manipulators and Robotic Arms.

Electrical Services.

Protection and control associated with the Nuclear Fuel Route.

Design of Control Desks and Panels.

PLC Based Control and Protection Systems.

Heating and Ventillation Controls.

Support tender and bid generation process.

On contract award, produce electrical system circuit design schemes.

Develop electrical system design concepts through to the complete engineered design.

Carry out design reviews, including basic hand calculations, making reference to appropriate standards documents to ensure validity of concepts and compliance with legal requirements.

Liaise and work closely with sub-contractors and suppliers to ensure fit for purpose and timely delivery of outsourced equipment.

Generate test specifications and oversee approval tests.

Specify and support the installation and commissioning of equipment.

Specification and selection of major components including transformers, switch gear, drives, industrial controls etc.

Variable Speed Motor Drives.

Positioning Systems.

Protective Hardwired Interlocks.

Tel: 01454 203 460



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